For Brokers

Very simple; you will get:

  • The maximum permissible procuration fee, on each and every completion, from a wide range of lenders
  • A market leading profit share, payable monthly

This will be a significant increase in your margin; our research shows the average cut paid to mortgage clubs is approximately 9% of a broker’s annual turnover, you can expect a significant amount of that back.

You will be serviced by the mortgage club mainly through its online query platform, saving time and cutting costs whilst delivering what is important to you and your business. You will benefit from a new and innovative delivery of an events programme that will cover a wide range of options driven by you the broker.

And, that’s just the start. We will be bringing brokers together, we’ll listen, and then provide the other services you need to build your business.

For Lenders

Much has been talked about what The Adviser Alliance does for brokers, but we are hugely supportive of our lender partners, who each have their own needs, requirements and opportunities.

We will offer a first-class proposition, that unites a segment of brokers through subscription, as well as marketing and event commitments. Our commitment to due diligence and knowledge sharing is also absolute.

At launch, our proposition solves some of the major problems lenders face in the directly authorised (DA) sector, by giving them something more akin to a network of DA brokers. All of this with little or no additional involvement, or account management and achieved through an established and well respected business partner, that understand the lender’s needs.

This is just the start.

As we develop we will be releasing further enhancements for our lending partners, including a fresh approach to marketing events and broker communications.