How much is the subscription fee?

£300 for a six month membership; no VAT is charged.

Our modeling shows members will receive, once the profit share is taken in to account, an uplift in their income of around 9%. For most brokers that’s a significant amount, all for a membership fee equivalent to £1.64 per day.

You can’t get a cup of coffee for that these days!

How does the profit share work?

We are committed to paying the maximum possible procuration fee allowed by the lenders.

Frankly, that’s the easy part.

But, we want to go further and deliver the enhanced value brokers deserve. We will therefore pay out a monthly profit share to our members, which we fully expect to be the highest in the market. As much as we would like to tell you exactly how much it will be, at this stage we can’t, due commercial sensitivities and other variables, including:

  • The size of The Adviser Alliance membership
  • The volume of business transacted by members
  • The level of marketing and promotional activity undertaken with lenders
  • Whether there are any sums specifically ring-fenced by lenders for investment in the business

Keeping costs down is also crucial. That’s why we have decided to outsource mortgage club services to Brilliant Solutions, who is committed to operating for a capped monthly fee.

The setup provides:

  • A fixed income guarantee for the business operating the club, allowing profit calculations to be made and paid monthly, smoothing previous monthly variations in profitability
  • Third party oversight on payments and profit share calculations for your protection
  • A minimal cost base thanks to the investment in technology and the efficiency of the operation
  • Additional revenue through subscriptions

Members have our commitment to paying the maximum possible procuration fee, plus a monthly profit share. Our pre-launch modelling shows an improvement to your income of around 9% , less the cost of membership, which at the equivalent of £1.64 per day.

That represents, in our view, very little risk for the initial members.