We believe in complete transparency; a lower cost model requires no frills. Our laser-like focus on what’s important to brokers requires a modern approach to the services available. That means there will be:

  • A remote placement desk accessed online and by email
  • A remote lender support service facility that helps with difficult cases or lender issues; again, accesses online or by email
  • No personal visits from The Adviser Alliance (something you might be grateful for!)

We are committed to increasing your margins and ensuring that you receive a reliable and consistent payment service right from the off. That means:

  • Payments will be made once every two weeks
  • Procuration queries will be answered within 48 hours of receipt, submissions through the online query portal will be prioritised
  • Profit share payments will be made once a month
  • Same day responses to urgent payment queries

Our services also include effective communications and events. We are building our events programme which will be innovative and inclusive. We will also keep you regularly updated as will all of our lender partners so you will always be up to speed.