To be truthful, we can’t think of many.

The subscription cost is modest, and you will be able to easily calculate the benefit to your business.

What we do ask for is commitment.

Of course, we aren’t asking you to put all your business through us, there will be times when it makes sense to use other clubs or service providers, and you will still be able to do so. The subscription fee is the commitment, which allows the low-cost platform to be implemented, driving the higher returns.

We also ask that you attend a minimum number of events (either online or face to face) in any one year and that you always opt-in to our communications and those of our lending partners. In this way we ensure that we are able to perform one of our key roles efficiently, ensuring that members are fully up to date and that our lending partners are able to communicate with you directly and effectively.

The Adviser Alliance isn’t a network. We’ll place no restrictions on you. So, long as you are comfortable with paying the subscription, it is difficult to see any drawbacks at all.