The Adviser Alliance concept was initially conceived by Martin Stewart, owner of London Money, who had grown disillusioned with the offering from the existing mortgage clubs.

His vision is for a fairer system, which always gives brokers the maximum permissible procuration fee and adopts a low-cost service model to ensure that profit share is maximised. Rather than simply allow mortgage clubs to control payment levels to brokers, Martin wanted guaranteed maximum commission and more profits returned to brokers.

All of this in return for an annual subscription payment.

Additionally, over time, Martin is keen to provide a wider range of services to brokers.

Martin is ably supported by Matthew Arena of Brilliant Solutions, which will run the day to day mortgage operations of The Adviser Alliance.

Phil Bray, of The Yardstick Agency is providing marketing support.

We are also delighted that threesixty, the highly-regarded provider of compliance services to directly authorised firms, has pledged their support.

The team behind The Adviser Alliance is determined to disrupt the existing mortgage club model. Putting more money in the hands of brokers whilst providing truly valuable additional services to lenders and brokers alike.

Martin, the inspiration behind The Adviser Alliance, has this to say about our launch:

“What better way for the mortgage broking community to influence their future, than by having a unified voice and a platform from which to be heard? How exciting is it to be part of an initiative that has been ignited by your peers, that will benefit our own businesses, as well as the wider profession?

I believe with The Adviser Alliance, that platform has arrived.

I personally know how hard life as a broker can be. I also know that the greatest skill you possess is that of finding new clients to work with. Imagine therefore, a proposition that gives you the rewards you deserve, for the job you do day in, day out.

I believe with The Adviser Alliance, that concept has arrived.

If you wish, possibly for the first time ever, to be fully appreciated for your professionalism, commitment and endeavours, then register today and let us help put you at the forefront of the mortgage advice profession.”