It’s remarkably simple. Like all good ideas!

We will supply full details to brokers that submit applications to join. But, the process is quick, simple, effective and will be familiar to all.

  1. Register: We will be open for registrations from 31st May 2017. No payment will be taken when you register; however, we are limiting the number of initial memberships to 250, so don’t delay in registering your interest
  2. Due diligence: On passing our due diligence you will be asked to make the small advance payment, we expect this to be on, or around 30th June
  3. Go live: You will receive confirmation of receipt and be able to start submitting business via The Adviser Alliance

You will be sent information on:

  • Contact details
  • Lender registration details
  • Website login details
  • Business submission guidance

On submission of your first case, follow the instructions in the business submission guidance to submit via The Adviser Alliance, or one of its chosen partners, until each lending partner has established its own branded distribution channel.

When procuration fee payments are made and the statement is available, you will be notified by email.

You will also be able to login to access your current and historic statements.

A combination of technology, a desire to work together and a focus on what’s important allowed this great idea to become a reality.

  1. Technology: Effective use of technology allows us to process payments, communicate and work with brokers, and lenders, in ever more efficient way. Yet, these savings have, so far, not been passed on to brokers
  2. No frills: By implementing a proposition with no expensive additional services, so rarely used by brokers, The Adviser Alliance can cut costs even further. We will have a laser-like focus on what’s truly important to the brokers
  3. Working together: Thanks to the subscription based model, The Adviser Alliance is able to outsource the provision of the mortgage club services through a licencing agreement. This allows the construction of a new business model, with all the benefits and security of an existing business. Through partnerships, the pooling of resources and the aggregation of hundreds of brokers across the UK, we can use scale to negotiate better terms. The Adviser Alliance is working in partnership with others, to deliver a range of benefits to brokers, which will grow over time
  4. Delivering for lenders: The Adviser Alliance will play an important role for lenders. With this in mind, our due diligence, our communication plan, our events programme and our member engagement are set to be the best in the market by getting all members to opt-in to it at the outset and by ensuring that any and all content is relevant for you. This is another example of our focus on what is important for all involved. We want to build a better, stronger, and wider bridge that crosses the gap between brokers and lenders